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Friday, April 23, 2010

Patio doors | French door | Sliding Glass doors

Finding the perfect PVC patio doors can be a challenge. It is hard to choose the right doors when there are so many different options available. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, whether it be simple or majestic, will determine what kind of doors you are in the market for. The best option is to compare the different types and decide which is going to be the right choice.

Patio doors come in different styles and can be prefabricated or custom made. They can be sliding doors, French doors, center swing doors and entry system doors. The majority of French doors and sliding doors are prefabricated; however, you can customize French doors if desired. The entry system doors and center swing doors are generally customized however there are some prefabricated ones available for purchase.

The cheapest type of door on the market is going to be the sliding glass doors. These doors are what many people chose because of the price. They look good but are not always the most practical type of door. Sliding glass doors wear out quicker and easier than other types of swing doors. The wear on these doors can cause them to become less air tight and lend themselves to leakage and not to mention problems closing, opening and locking. In the long run, sliding glass doors are probably the worse doors to use.

French doors are probably the most practical and affordable type of doors. These doors are used for both interior and exterior doors and are constructed to weather constant use. Most French doors are equipped with lots of glass to allow for light and complete visual perception. These doors are constructed like regular doors therefore they remain airtight and do not have problems with leakage. French doors add a touch of elegance to any home but are practical enough for the common residence. If dependability and endurance is what you are looking for then the French door is going to be your best option.

Center swing doors are not very practical for use as exit or entry doors, they are more commonly found on closets or bedrooms. A center swing door is typically made of all wood, plastic or fiberglass with no glass; however it is possible to have these doors custom made to include glass panels. Center swing doors are much like sliding doors in that they are not constructed to weather high usage and can quickly lead to leaking and losing their airtight qualities. These doors are not highly recommended for use entering or exiting an area such as a patio.

If price is not an issue then the way to go would be entry system doors. These types of doors can be custom made to fit any specifications and generally include luxuries such as transoms and sidelights. These doors can be all glass, a combination of solid and glass or just solid. There are some prefabricated entry system doors but most of the time these are custom made to fit customers specific needs. These doors are constructed to be airtight and leak proof; however, you will pay the price for this type of door. Entry system doors can be as simple or elegant as you desire, it is just a matter of what you are willing to spend.

There are definitely options when it comes to purchasing patio doors. The main thing to consider is construction, durability and practicality. There are doors that look good but just are not practical. You want to get the best door at a reasonable price. When choosing a door for something such as a patio, you are also going to want something that allows visual mobility opposed to something that is solid.

You need to decide what you are willing to spend and which will most fit you needs. Most people chose the most practical and affordable French doors while others that do not care about cost chose the custom made entry doors. When deciding be sure to look at these since they are the top choices for most. Remember if you go for the cheapest right now it may end up costing you more in the long run and you will probably end up having to replace them at some point. Weigh all you options and choose wisely, this is your home and others will be privy to your decisions.


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